Ellenbrook Anglican Church

Ellenbrook Anglican Church

To know Christ and to make Him known

Church Life

Here at Ellenbrook Anglican we love spending time together and learning more about Jesus. Everyone is welcome to any of our church events as we seek to known Christ and make him known. Please contact...
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In case you missed a sermon recently and for all of our kid’s church leaders please find a recording of recent sermons. Lk-3-John-the-BaptistDownload Lk-12-The-Rich-FoolDownload Jn-18-2-Kings-MeetDownload Mark-13-When-is-the-endDownload Acts-28-Rome-at-lastDownload Acts-16-The-Unstoppable-GospelDownload Acts-21-Servant-of-the-GospelDownload Acts-15-Only-one-messageDownload Psalm-42-Mitch-HallsDownload Psa33-WorshippingGodDownload Acts-8-10-Saving-the-UnsavableDownload Acts-5-Growth-Sin-1Download Acts-4-Making-a-difference-1Download...
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Parish Minister Rev. Andrew Burr 0439 910 317 aburr4@gmail.com Office Opening Hours, 3 Swanleigh Parade Aveley Mondays 8-12 pm Tuesdays 8-12 pm Wednesdays 8-12 pm Or email ellenbrookanglicanchurch@gmail.com Financial Support If you are able to,...
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Sunday Service

Chapel of the Holy Wisdom of God, 3 Swanleigh Parade, Aveley

9:30 am Service

On Sundays at 9:30 am we have our family church service. All are welcome and we have a kid’s church program for children 10 years and younger. We would love for you to join us as we worship God together and learn more about who he is and what he has done for us.


Thank you to all who currently serve our family each week. If you would like to sign up for a roster duty for the next roster please contact Val.

Financial Support

If you are able to, please give some thought to giving via bank transfer to support the ministry of our church. Thank you for your generosity. Details are:

Bank: Anglican Community Fund

BSB: 706 001

Account #: 300031412

What We Believe

At Ellenbrook Anglican Church we want to know Jesus Christ, and make Him known.

‘What good is it if someone gains the whole world but loses his life?’

Jesus thought that people matter. He had twelve disciples but he would hang out with all sorts of people: the wealthy, the religious, the poor, the children, the prostitutes, the social outcasts and Mr and Mrs Average.

Knowing that people matter drove Jesus to action.

In order for people to enter God’s Kingdom they needed forgiveness from God. By dying on the cross and rising to new life, Jesus paid the price for that forgiveness. As the risen Son of God he is now able to give eternal life to people.

A church isn’t a building but the people who gather together so they can hear and live out what it means to have Jesus as their Saviour.

We want to let people know about Jesus, who he is, what he has done, and what he is doing.


On Sundays we use the Anglican Prayer Book in fresh relevant ways to worship God.  This Prayer Book, based on the 1662 Version, provides our Doctrinal Beliefs in the 39 Articles and Ancient Creeds (Apostles & Nicene). Here we are taught who God is, what God has done, and how we can know Him better. We also love to sing and pray whenever we meet together.

As an Anglican church you will find we are… 

… Bible focused

The Bible is central to all we do as a church. Every Sunday we turn to the Scriptures to hear how God wants us to live in our daily lives.

  … Jesus focused

We follow His teaching because He brings truth, freedom & forgiveness with God.

 … People focused

We want others to find the joy and peace that comes from knowing Jesus and being in God’s family. Our desire is to know Jesus Christ better and to  help others come to know Him too.

We invite you, and your family, to join us at Ellenbrook Anglican Church. Please contact us for more information.